These are the most Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Do you cater for babies??

    We have a license to enrol children from 2 to 5 years old.

  2. Do you have a waiting list?

    Yes, children must be born to be added to our waiting list. It is free of charge.

  3. How long is the waiting?

    Depends on the family priority according to Centre Link.

  4. Is this a private centre?

    No, it is non profit organisation. It is a community based Centre.

  5. Do you teach children to read and write?

    Children don't need to learn to read and write at this age, what they need is to develop a wide variety of necessary skills that will prepare to do it, in kindergarten.

  6. How many educators do you have per room?

    We have three rooms. Red Room has got 16 children from 2-3 years old. Yellow Room has got 20 children from 3-4 years old. Blue Room has got 24 children from 4-5 years old. Every room has got 3 Educators. There is an extra Educator who comes twice a week to relieve the class leader and allow her to do some planning and programming off the floor.


7:00am - 5:30pm
Children from 2 - 5 years old


17-19 York Street, Fairfield
NSW 2165, Australia

Tel: (02) 9724 3530
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